This Commodity is Ready to Rocket

If you’ve followed my recommendations for some time now, you know that I utilize a proprietary program I call “CycleProphet,” a market forecasting tool my team developed using decades of research. This sophisticated tool combines and compares peaks and troughs in timewaves with highs and lows in the markets, and has been an uncannily accurate market predictor much of the time.

I like the way the forecast charts are setting up for what could be big move up in precious metals and, to a lesser degree, oil. Take a look at the forecast chart for iShares Silver Trust ETF (NYSE: SLV):

SLV is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the price of silver. My data suggest that silver looks to bottom on about March 9 and then begin an ascent higher (blue line). Plus, what you don’t see in the chart above is that silver gets another big boost higher in April, topping out in May at the $18.50- to $19.00-per-ounce level. This indication is generated from a time-cycle forecast (red line), based on CycleProphet’s proprietary time-mapping algorithms.

The readings from my 30 market indicators tell me that while March could be flat to slightly bearish for silver, April looks very positive. Especially encouraging is that the U.S. dollar is forecast to begin a move lower at the end of March. The directional move of the dollar tends to be a decent “tell” on the dmarginection of precious metals. In other words, a strong dollar will normally weigh on the prices of precious metals while a weak dollar is usually supportive of higher prices.

The S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq indexes all show a move higher toward the end of the month… another good harbinger of a bullish move in precious metals. A significant up-move in small-capitalization stocks could begin even sooner, according to my forecast, perhaps starting later this week.

If the forecasts are reasonably accurate, it looks as if the market is getting ready for a nice move up in precious metals. But don’t be surprised if this move takes a couple of weeks to get untracked. In my personal portfolio, I am now almost 100% invested with a significantly overweight position in gold and gold-related equities. If you read my weekly Mastering the Markets letter, you know which of these stocks I am recommending.

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