This Stock Has Been Climbing Since 1806… And It’s Still A Buy

Nothing lasts forever…

This is especially true in the investing world where so many shifting factors come into play.

So many things can affect a company’s performance — shifts, external factors such as in political leadership, consumer confidence, interest rates, international conflicts… the list goes on.

So it makes sense that the safest place to start is with investments that have stood the test of time.

#-ad_banner-#Think about it. If a company manages to survive through the Great Depression, two World Wars, and every possible economic and political situation under the sun — it’s a good bet this company stands a better chance of surviving for generations to come.

Heck, some of the U.S. companies we researched for our latest report, “The Top 11 Legacy Assets of All Time,” survived the Civil War. Others have been around longer than the U.S. has been a country.

And there’s a powerful secret behind how they did it — one every investor should take to heart.

Here it is… 

Unlike popular tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft, “Legacy Assets” don’t have to come up with the next high-tech gadget or operating system every year.

And unlike banks or insurance companies, “Legacy Assets” don’t deal in “reverse collateral mortgage swaps” and other hard-to-understand financial products.

“Legacy Assets” simply produce valuable products that you probably use every day.
In all my years of investing, I’ve found that it’s not the high-flying tech startups or the risky biotech plays that make investors the most money.

The most successful companies are the ones that we see every day… the ones that are so integral to our way of life that if they disappeared tomorrow it would have a direct impact on how we live.

For example…

One of our “Legacy Assets” was founded in 1897. Its products were first sold from the back of a horse-drawn wagon. 

Yet today, more than a century later, Americans still consume 1.5 billion pounds of this company’s signature product every year.

The average American child will consume 1,500 sandwiches made with this product before he or she graduates high school.

This product will never be “dated” or “old-fashioned.” It will never fall out of favor.
It’s incredibly easy to understand. And this is important… 

Over the years I’ve seen too many investors wiped out by investing in assets they don’t fully understand.

Legendary investor Peter Lynch put it best when he said:

“Getting the story on a company is a lot easier if you understand the basic business. That’s why I’d rather invest in panty hose than in communications satellites or in motel chains than in fiber optics. The simpler it is, the better I like it.”

“Legacy Assets” make products that are so simple, yet so integral to the American way of life, that even your three-year-old son or granddaughter can ask for them by name.
And that’s the real secret.

When looking for “Legacy Assets” the first question you want to ask is:

“Can I easily imagine my grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoying the same products this company makes fifty or even a hundred years from now?”
If you can answer “Yes” to this question, you may be looking at a “Legacy Asset.”

“Legacy Assets” are the one investing strategy that will last for generations.

​​Because of the work I do, I’m often asked for the latest “hot stock tip” or “best IPO.” And every time I try to steer the questioner toward “Legacy Assets.”

Why? Because I truly believe that “Legacy Assets” are the safest way to grow your wealth over time.

This “Legacy Asset” Has Raised Its Dividend for Over 25 Years 

Looking back to our report, I’ll tell you a little about “Legacy Asset #1.” This company was founded back in 1806. Yet the same product the company produced 207 years ago is something you still use today.

Think of how many things have changed in the U.S. since 1806…

Most of the West was still frontier territory. The Republican Party wouldn’t be founded for another 48 years. And most Americans still lived a rural, agriculturally-based existence.
But this company’s products were popular then and they’re still popular (and lucrative) today.

They will never go out of style.

Over the last decade, this company has nearly doubled revenue and free cash flow. During the Great Recession and the financial crisis, the company increased its earnings per share by 18% and grew its dividend by 30%. That’s because the company’s products are basically recession-proof. 

So no matter what’s going on in Congress or the White House, no matter what the Federal Reserve has to say, this “Legacy Asset” will continue to make money. 

Remember, “Legacy Assets” share a proven history of growing shareholder wealth… no matter what. In fact, every $1,000 invested in this company just 10 years ago would be worth $3,298 today, including dividends. 

That’s a gain of nearly 235%. 

And this company shows no sign of slowing down.

Over the last three years the company’s stock is up over 70%.

The company has everything you could ask for in a “Legacy Asset.” It makes products that have stood the test of time and will be around forever. The company boasts an incredible 46% of the worldwide market share for its products. This is more than three times the market share of the next closest competitor. 

It’s been operating in developing markets for decades. It currently enjoys a more than 50% market share in India, a 70% market share in Brazil, and a 30% market share in China. This kind of aggressive international expansion during the last 10 years has led revenue to nearly double, from $9 billion in 2003 to $17.2 billion in 2013.

Even better, the company is a member of a small, elite club of stocks that have raised dividends for over 25 years. Over the last decade, it’s increased its dividend payout by 183% and reduced its share count by 186 million shares. 

If you’re interested in growing your wealth over the long-term… if you’re interested in creating a lasting legacy for your family… then the core of your portfolio should be formed around “Legacy Assets.” 


In our latest report “The Top 11 Legacy Assets of All Time” — we tell you everything you need to know about “Legacy Assets” — including the names and ticker symbols of all of our top 11 Legacy Asset stocks. To read the report for free, click here.