A Rare Chance To Buy Starbucks At A 9.5% Discount

On April 24, Starbucks Corp. (Nasdaq: SBUX) extended its history of matching or beating earnings expectations to nine consecutive quarters. No surprise there.

After all, it owns one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Go to any given U.S. city and try walking a few blocks without seeing the Starbucks logo pasted across a green awning. It’s nearly impossible.

Shares are already up 24% in 2015 and are poised to continue higher. That makes now the perfect time to execute my Income Multiplier strategy on Starbucks. It could earn you 5.4% in 64 days or allow you to buy the stock at a 9.5% discount.

In the last 22 years, Starbucks has been one of the best-performing stocks in the S&P 500.

Since going public in 1992, shares have increased nearly 16,000%, crushing the market’s 407% return.

Although the company won’t repeat the same incredible performance, Starbucks still has plenty of room to grow.

The company has more than 12,000 locations in the United States. This year, Starbucks plans to increase its store count by 650 in North America and by 1,000 in international markets.

Its dominance in the United States, along with its growing global presence and expanded product portfolio helped Starbucks achieve record revenue in 2014, which bodes well for future growth prospects. But the exciting part is what the company is doing with all that extra income.

The company is using its robust cash flow to reward shareholders with billion-dollar buybacks and dividend payments. In fiscal 2014, Starbucks returned $1.6 billion to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases.

While its current dividend yield of 1.3% certainly doesn’t jump off the page, the company has shown that it’s committed to growing dividend payments.

Starbucks’ five-year dividend growth rate of 48.7% ranks higher than 97% of its peers. And in late October, the board of directors approved another 23% increase in dividend payments.

Starbucks also executed a two-for-one stock split last month, marking the sixth time the company has done so since going public.

That sends a powerful message to investors: not only does it make shares more affordable, but Starbucks is successfully executing its growth strategy.

#-ad_banner-#For long-term investors, this is a great sign. But for traders, the profit potential from Starbucks might just be too good to pass up.

That’s why I recommend a simple trade on SBUX that generates income or allows investors to buy the shares at a discount.

Now normally this information is strictly for my paid subscribers. But today I’m going to do something special and give you the details of this trade.

If you can execute the trade and profit, then you will see exactly how my Income Multiplier system has helped my readers and I profit from all 38 trades we’ve made so far.

Here’s how I expect to do it again on Starbucks:

On Thursday, Starbucks closed at $50.56. I recommend selling SBUX July $46.25 puts for no less than $0.50. Currently, this option is trading outside of my recommended range, but that could change.

Selling these puts creates two potential outcomes.

First outcome: If you sell one put option at $0.50, then you will generate $50 immediately. If shares trade above the strike price of $46.25 on July 17, then you keep the $50 for a return of 5.4% in 64 days. If we can repeat a similar trade every 64 days, then we’d earn about 31% on our capital in 12 months.

Second outcome: If Starbucks trades below $46.25 on July 17, then you’d be obligated to buy SBUX at $46.25 per share. After adding in the $0.50 per share of income that you’d receive, you end up buying shares at a cost basis of $45.75, an 9.5% discount to Thursday’s closing price of $50.56.

Buying 100 shares of Starbucks at $46.25 would normally require a $4,625 investment. But to initiate this trade, you won’t need the full amount. Most brokerage firms require a 20% deposit to control the position.

That puts capital requirement for this trade at just $925, and with the way shares have been soaring lately, I’d say chances are good you’ll see that money right back in your brokerage account when the trade expires worthless.

By executing simple options trades like this every month, my subscribers and I have been able to generate robust income from well-known stocks like Starbucks, Microsoft, Verizon… and more. And we’ve been able to do this again and again, without missing a beat. To learn more about my Income Multiplier strategy and how you can get started, visit this link.