Will This Be My 24th Triple-Digit Winner?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of differing opinions regarding the market.

Talking heads shout them at you through the TV. Your financial advisor suggests a different strategy. A close relative swears by yet another completely unique way to put your hard-earned money to work.

For some it might seem impossible to separate the noise from the advice that can secure the future you desire for yourself and your family.

But actually, there’s one simple thing that can help you ignore the false prophets and identify true winners.

Follow the results.

#-ad_banner-#You see, anyone can get lucky enough to stumble upon triple-digit gains onceā€¦ maybe even twice.

But I’ve done it 23 times in the four years since I joined the Game-Changing Stocks newsletter.

That means, on average, I’ve helped my readers identify at least one stock that gains 100% or more every other month.

That’s somewhere around six triple-digit winners per year, in addition to the many double-digit winners I’ve uncovered.

One area, in particular, where I’ve been able to make the most accurate — and profitable — predictions for my subscribers revolves around Apple, Apple Pay and Apple suppliers.

Let me give you an example.

In August 2011, I told my readers:

“As [Americans embrace mobile payments] and as the movement spreads to other countries, this technology will achieve more than critical mass, it will achieve ubiquity. And I predict it will do it faster than any other technology ever has before — faster than the remote control, GPS or even the iPod.”

See, Apple had already determined that its future growth hinged on its ability to dominate mobile payments. And I predicted that Apple’s next big move would involve fingerprint scan technology for securing mobile payment transactions.

That’s why, that same year, I recommended AuthenTec (Nasdaq: AUTH), a small leader in fingerprint scanning technology, to my Game-Changing Stocks subscribers. At the time, the stock traded for less than $3.

But just a year later, the stock was already trading at $8.42. That was a 228% return in just one year, and it crushed the 16.9% gain from the S&P 500 during that time.

Soon after that, Apple purchased AuthenTec, handing anyone who followed my recommendation another nice gain.

Now chances are you missed out on AuthenTec. After all, it was a very under-the-radar company at the time.

But luckily I’ve found another company working with Apple that could produce similar results to early investors. The company is a tiny manufacturer that supplies Apple with the essential component that makes mobile pay possible.

The company’s business looks so impressive, I’ve listed it as The #1 Apple Supplier To Buy Now.

Though you’ve probably never heard of this firm, it controls about 60% of one of the fastest-growing markets I’ve ever seen.

I first recommended shares of this burgeoning Apple supplier in June 2012, more than two years before Apple announced Apple Pay.

Anyone who followed my recommendation could have gained more than 430% since then. 

With Apple now entering the mobile pay market, I predict this stock will continue to soar over the next several years.

Out of fairness to my paying subscribers though, I can’t provide the company’s details right now. But I have put together a special report called “The Top 5 Apple Suppliers To Buy Now” that explains this powerful trend and provides the name and ticker symbols of a few of my favorite stocks.

And remember, I’m not simply guessing here. My track record speaks for itself — especially when it comes to the Apple Pay phenomenon. In fact, since I first recommended them, three of these five firms are already up more than 250%. As Apple continues to sell more gadgets, we expect these stocks to rise further.

To access my new report, simply follow this link.