The Next Boom Is Already Happening…

Many people have written America off. They think our best days are over. 

Conventional wisdom says that American industry is “over the hill.” Many observers today believe that U.S. firms simply can’t compete with the likes of the emerging Chinese and Brazilian markets.

It’s certainly true that on a basic scale, those economies are growing faster. America’s 1.9% GDP growth last year doesn’t come close to China’s 7.7%.

And from ballooning government debt to prolonged conflict overseas to scandalous behavior on Wall Street, it’s easy to think that these talking heads might be on to something.

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

Sure, America has its problems. There’s no denying that. But if you look a little deeper, you’ll find that there’s one area — perhaps the most important area — where America still firmly leads the globe.

I’m talking about innovation.

You see, a mounting pile of evidence suggests we’re entering an industrial renaissance that will once again jumpstart the U.S. economy and bring the nation back to the industrial giant it once was. 

The U.S. Still Dominates Innovation
Perhaps the greatest testament to the rebirth of the American economy is how innovation emerges in so many types of industries. It’s the indomitable American spirit that leads us to look at a problem — and come up with a ground-breaking solution. 

Of course America is blessed with a vast trove of natural resources. We have the most well-regarded university system in the world. And we have efficient capital markets that help provide financial fuel to entrepreneurs. 

Across the Fortune 500 landscape, you’ll find hundreds of American companies allocating huge sums of money toward research & development (R&D).

Just look at Forbes’ recent list of the world’s most innovative companies. Eight firms out of the top 10 on the list are headquartered in the United States.

How many Chinese firms made the top 10? Not one.

But is innovation profitable for investors? Absolutely.

Innovation Delivers Gains For Portfolios
In my Top 10 Stocks newsletter, my readers and I have benefited immensely — and very recently — from a group of companies that I call American Innovators.

These firms are pushing the limits of their industries and inventing entirely new businesses — the kind that change the way we live our lives and make investors a killing in the process.

A recent case in point is Alcoa (NYSE: AA), a homegrown company that was formerly one of the oldest companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

You see, most investors thought of Alcoa as an “old world” business. And on the surface, that appeared to be true — the company generated a substantial portion of its income from making rolled aluminum for soda cans and other mundane items.

You would think such a firm would be headed for obscurity, as factors like cheap labor gave competitors in China and elsewhere a major leg up in this antiquated industry.

What the investing public failed to recognize was that Alcoa is an American Innovator of the first order.

Alcoa’s management realized there was no future growth in soda cans, so they set the company on a new high-tech course.

Using the company’s core expertise in aluminum, Alcoa pushed into several startling new kinds of business like military components and advanced aerospace machinery. The company even revolutionized the trucking business by creating a lightweight aluminum wheel for big rigs that reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%.

When my research team and I found out what the “real” Alcoa was up to, I added this American Innovator to my portfolio immediately. The timing was perfect — faced with negative investor sentiment around its perceived old-world business, the stock was coming off a five-year low.

What happened next was astonishing. The company announced a string of new contracts for its advanced products — including a $300 million order for its new aerospace division from industry heavyweight Spirit AeroSystems. And investors? They loved the new Alcoa. The share price rocketed upward by 68.5% within just eight months.

That’s exactly what American Innovators can do for your portfolio.

How To Spot An American Innovator
I always carve out a space for some of the nation’s truly innovative companies in my Top 10 Stocks portfolio. They don’t all land moon-shot ideas, as a company like Tesla has. But that’s okay. As our recent gain from Alcoa shows, when you find a company that consistently comes up with fresh and groundbreaking developments that can alter the dynamics of the markets in which they operate, it can lead to big profits.

Now, you might think that the example of Alcoa is an isolated case. But in fact, there are hundreds of U.S. companies making quantum leaps in technology and business just like the ones that led to Alcoa’s big gains.

Cash In On The Next American Boom
If there’s one thing I want you to take away from today’s essay, it’s this… Ignore what the so-called experts are saying. The next boom had already begun. The only question is: Will you be in on it?

According to my research, the next American Boom is now spreading across as many as eight different industries. Some of them have been around for quite a while, yet are undergoing a fresh phase of growth and rejuvenation. Others are only now getting started, and are in the process of morphing from engineering labs to full-fledged production facilities. 

Now don’t get me wrong… Profiting from this quiet revolution is not a simple task. You have to turn over every stone, peer around every corner, and take a holistic look at the mega-trends shaping our society. 

That’s why I created a special report on America’s Next Boom. It contains months of research showing how a few stunning developments in recent years is setting the table for some of the biggest opportunities investors will have since the dot-com era. And unlike that boom, this one will be long-term and sustainable. 

Investors have a unique opportunity to make life-changing gains over the next few years — gains that will make the 68.5% gain we made from Alcoa look paltry by comparison. If you’re interested in checking out this report, simply visit this link.