An Exciting Announcement From StreetAuthority

I have some exciting news to share with StreetAuthority readers…

As a StreetAuthority veteran, I can personally attest that we’re always looking to make improvements to our product line-up. Whether it’s tweaking the mission of one of our newsletters, fine-tuning our portfolios or merely making cosmetic changes to the layout of the issues, we’ve strived to always think of ways to upgrade the experience for our loyal premium subscribers.

#-ad_banner-#So after careful deliberation over the past few months, we’ve decided to make a big change…

Starting with the April issue, our Top 10 Stocks premium newsletter will be incorporated into an exciting new premium advisory authored by two of StreetAuthority’s finest analysts: Amy Calistri and Jimmy Butts.

This new premium newsletter offering is called Top Stock Advisor. It will bring our premium readers the same investments that prompted many of them to join Top 10 Stocks in the first place — but it will also offer much, much more. 

In short, this new advisory will feature investments designed to function as core holdings for any investor’s portfolio. It will feature companies with a fantastic record of rising dividend payments, and they’ll have the ability to consistently outperform the market without exposing you to unnecessary risk.

With two of our top analysts on the case, we’ll be able to bring a new level of analysis to our recommendations as well as a more in-depth perspective on the overall market.

Many of you are already familiar with Amy Calistri, a StreetAuthority veteran and one of the top fundamental stock-pickers in the business. 

During her nearly six years as Chief Investment Strategist for Stock of the Month, more than 80% of Amy’s trades have been winners, delivering an average annualized total return of 16.1%. You may also know her as the brains behind our most successful income advisory, The Daily Paycheck. In this capacity, Amy has been able to take a $200,000 portfolio and harness the power of compounding to build it into an income-generating machine now worth over $300,000 and paying more than $97,000 in income since December 2009.

But more important than Amy’s track record is the passion she has for her readers and their ability to live well in retirement. With each missive to subscribers, Amy brings a deep concern first and foremost for not losing you money. That means she doesn’t believe in overselling her recommendations or, conversely, holding on to a losing pick and simply hoping it’ll turn around.

To put it simply, I can’t think of a single StreetAuthority analyst I’ve learned more from than Amy. 

Joining Amy this new venture is Jimmy Butts, who helms StreetAuthority’s Maximum Profit newsletter. Jimmy is a promising analyst who brings expertise in technical analysis, especially involving momentum. He is also a former financial advisor who shares Amy’s commitment to grounded, sound-money practices. 

From its inception in June 2013, the benchmark portfolio in Jimmy’s Maximum Profit advisory returned 30.1% through the end of last year, compared with a 24.4% gain in the S&P 500. Among Jimmy’s winners: A 62% gain in American Railcar Industries (Nasdaq: ARII) in one year, and a profit of 72% in Alcoa (NYSE: AA) in 423 days.

As for the current Top 10 Stocks portfolio, it will transfer over to Top Stock Advisor. Over time, Amy and Jimmy will keep some holdings while weeding out others in order to fully reflect their investment philosophy. 

If you’re a current subscriber to Top 10 Stocks, be on the lookout for your first issue of Top Stock Advisor this week. In the meantime, I invite each and every StreetAuthority Daily reader to check out their updated presentation on the top stocks to own for 2016. They’re uniquely positioned to outperform the market and help protect you from the economic and political troubles on the horizon.

In short, the stocks you’ll find in this report are the core ten holdings every strategic investor should have to safely navigate the unprecedented market volatility that we’ve experienced so far this year. When you own stocks like these you have no need to worry about bear markets, flash crashes or rising interest rates. These ten must-have stocks share a unique set of traits that allow them to outperform in this challenging market.

Again, if you’d like to learn more about this report you can simply click here. I can’t tell you how excited we all are about this new adventure. I’m confident you’ll be in good hands with Amy and Jimmy.