$100k In Dividends… And We’re Just Getting Started

#-ad_banner-#I have some important news to share with you today.

Readers of our premium income advisory, The Daily Paycheck, know that longtime Chief Investment Strategist Amy Calistri recently learned that her mother has cancer. In light of this difficult news, Amy decided to step away from her role and focus on caring for her family. I’ll introduce Amy’s replacement in a moment, but first, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a few things about my colleague and what she’s meant to us as well as her valued subscribers.

We’ve learned much from Amy over the years. And there’s perhaps no greater testament to that by looking at the results she’s produced in The Daily Paycheck. Here’s how she recapped her experience with the Daily Paycheck system in a parting note to her subscribers:


“It takes a bit of patience to be a Daily Paycheck investor. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. But with a little time and patience, The Daily Paycheck strategy can make a significant difference in anyone’s life.

Let’s see how patience has paid off for us so far…

In the roughly six and a half years since we launched The Daily Paycheck, its portfolio has generated $102,719.22 in dividends. And the portfolio that started at $200,000 is now valued at $330,327 for an overall return of 65.2%.

I could say that I’m leaving on a high note. But my longtime subscribers know that with dividend reinvestment, new highs are always just around the corner. Any dip in the market is just an opportunity to reinvest your dividends in holdings at lower price points and higher yields. When the market rallies, your newly ever-increasing number of shares boosts your returns.

I’ll admit I’m a little broken-hearted to leave The Daily Paycheck. But I know I’m leaving you in the very best of hands and leaving you with a system that can help meet your financial goals — just as it has mine.”

In an environment where 46% of Americans say they do not have the money to cover a $400 emergency expense, it can’t be said enough how important it is to have a safe, reliable system like The Daily Paycheck working for you.

I know I speak for the entire StreetAuthority family when I say that we wish Amy the best of luck during this difficult time. Nevertheless, Amy is leaving The Daily Paycheck subscribers in good hands. And it’s my pleasure to introduce our new Chief Investment Strategist to you today.

Introducing Our New Chief Investment Strategist

Taking over as Chief Investment Strategist for The Daily Paycheck is Genia Turanova.

It’s a tall order to fill the shoes of one of StreetAuthority’s most respected analysts, much less step in to lead one of the most successful premium advisories in our company’s 15-year history. But Genia is up to the task.

Genia comes to StreetAuthority after 15 years at Leeb Capital Management, where she served as a portfolio manager and a member of the company’s Investment Committee. 

For the past five years Genia researched, wrote and managed recommendations as Editor of the award-winning Leeb Income Performance newsletter. She also contributed to Leeb’s The Complete Investor, where was responsible for several portfolios during the past eight years.

Genia holds an MBA in Finance and Investments from the Zicklin School of Business (Baruch College in New York City), and before that, Genia lectured and taught courses in economics and marketing at Kharkiv National University in her native Ukraine. She has also been a CFA Charterholder since 2007.

We’re extremely pleased to welcome Genia to our roster of stock market experts. When we were searching for a new leader for The Daily Paycheck, Genia’s name was at the top of a very short list of qualified analysts.

We recently asked The Daily Paycheck subscribers to submit questions for Genia so that they can get to know her better. In this special note to subscribers, Genia talked about her experience, her investing philosophy and any changes she may have in store.

Of course, Genia joked that her first priority is “not to blow it.”


“If you’ve got a good thing going, don’t mess it up. I’m not going to mess this up. There may be some tweaks here and there over the next few months, and I’ll be incorporating my own picks over time, of course, but The Daily Paycheck system and mission will remain intact.

Three distinct portfolios featuring solid dividend payers with three distinct variations on the same theme — High-Yield Opportunities; Fast Dividend Growers; Steady Income Generators — all with the idea of receiving a dividend check for each day of the year. That’s not going to change.”

When addressing her own investment philosophy, Genia said that the most important thing for her is not the size of the dividend, but sustainability. That should be music to the ears of The Daily Paycheck readers. They know all too well that if you can simply find a quality dividend payer and take that income and reinvest it into more shares, time and the power of compounding will take care of the rest.



“I also prefer not to invest in stocks that carry significant debt load because these could be in danger of dividend cuts or even bankruptcy should something go wrong. This is another metric, however, that cannot be compared directly across the entire universe of stocks: the capital-intensive business of utilities, for instance, requires borrowing, and if you want to invest in a utility stock, high debt level is a given. Still, everything is relative, and even within the sector some companies carry unaffordable debt load; those are the stocks I would avoid.

I am also a big proponent of diversification. This does not mean that I’ll buy a stock or a fund only to add variety to the portfolio. However, all else equal, I would prefer a position that helps to diversify the overall portfolio.”

While Genia reiterated that there will be no major portfolio changes to The Daily Paycheck for the time being, she did mention one sector she has her eye on that might make for good hunting grounds for future additions: the technology sector.



“These days, tech companies are different from what they were just a decade or so ago. Many are flush with cash with little or no debt, some pay dividends with yields higher than that for, say, utilities, with low payout ratios, and some of my favorites are attractively valued.

I would also like to be opportunistic in going for values that are created by market action. This said, I plan to stay with The Daily Paycheck mission and invest — not trade — with the long-term time horizon in mind. I am also happy to see that many Daily Paycheck portfolio selections don’t appear to be expensive compared to the market, or their historical metrics.”

Again, Genia will be watching and reviewing every single position in The Daily Paycheck very closely. The decision to sell a position or reduce exposure to a sector is not something she takes lightly.

Here’s more from Genia:


“I am happy to inherit a newsletter whose strategies are to buy, hold, and reinvest dividends. This aligns well with my own investment beliefs, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute further to The Daily Paycheck system as we move ahead together. I look forward to the journey, and will work hard to earn your trust.”

While we’re sad to see Amy go, we here at StreetAuthority are excited for what Genia will bring to the table as Chief Investment Strategist. Be on the lookout for her first issue of The Daily Paycheck, which will be the July mid-month update, in a couple of weeks.

Editor’s Note: As mentioned earlier, our Daily Paycheck portfolio has thrown off over $100,000 in dividends and grown from an initial value of $200,000 to over $330,000. And that figure grows by the day, thanks to the power of compound reinvestment in some of the best high-yield securities the world has to offer. If you’d like to learn more about The Daily Paycheck System and what it can do for your portfolio, simply follow this link.