Our Wild, Crazy (And Profitable) Predictions For Next Year

It’s perhaps the most hotly-anticipated, controversial, thought-provoking thing we do as a company.

It could also be the most profitable thing you read all year.

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I’m talking about our annual predictions report.

Each year, the research team behind our Game-Changing Stocks newsletter releases a set of investment predictions for the coming year. And because they challenge conventional wisdom so strongly, these annual forecasts are invariably the most talked-about market calls we publish all year.

#-ad_banner-#I’m talking about the kinds of bold predictions and investing ideas you won’t find anywhere else. That’s because, to put it quite frankly, by the time you hear about these ideas in the mainstream financial media, it’ll be too late. The big gains will have already been made.

And while we don’t pretend to have a crystal ball, readers who have followed our predictions in the past have seen gains of 310%, 452%, 569% and more.

I want to give you a taste of some of this year’s predictions in a moment. But first, I want to talk about why we do this and why we think it’s so important.  

They Told Us We Were “Crazy”
As you know, StreetAuthority is in the business of publishing financial newsletters. That means we live and die by our subscription revenues. And trust me, you don’t survive in this business for long unless your ideas make money for your customers.

Now, if we were “smart,” we would play it safe and tell you to about investment ideas everybody already knows about — you know, the kinds of things you’ll hear about on CNBC or The Wall Street Journal. 

But that’s just not our style.

That’s why each year we bring together a six-person team to bounce ideas off each other, and then research them thoroughly. We leave no stone unturned. The more unorthodox, the better…

For example, one of our first prediction reports told readers about “an opportunity of enormous proportions” in the nanotech industry. The game-changing stock we pinpointed in that report shot up 293%.

The next year, we said “the best sci-fi speculation of the year” would be a powerful new technology called “RFID” and told readers about three key companies to watch. Within a year, our recommended picks had soared 42%… 89%… and 310%.

In 2012, we told readers about the upcoming mobile payments revolution, predicting Apple’s entry into the market before anyone else. Of course, we said Apple was a great buy — but the unknown winner was a company that went on to deliver 452% gains. 

Then, in 2014, we told investors about an up-and-coming drug developer with triple-digit potential written all over it. Sure enough, the following year saw the stock soar 189%.

In 2016, we highlighted a small pharmaceutical firm working on a treatment for the Zika vicus that we said had “triple-digit” potential. That stock shot up 189% within a year.

Not to mention, all of our recommendations for 2017 are in the black. In fact, as a group, they’re more than doubling the S&P 500’s performance this year.

These are just a few examples of the gains this report has made for readers who were willing to go out on a limb and listen to what we had to say.

A Rapidly Changing World Means More Opportunities For Gains
Gains like these are exactly what we’re aiming for over at Game-Changing Stocks. To put it simply, our goal is to uncover select opportunities that could become life-changing investments. 

Of course, to identify a groundbreaking idea, you have to be forward thinking. But in order to do that, sometimes it’s worth remembering just how much innovation has taken place over the past few years…

For example, who would have thought just 10 years ago most of us would have tiny computers in our pocket or purse at nearly every waking moment — devices capable of accessing virtually all of the world’s knowledge? Needless to say, early investors in Apple came out alright on that game-changer. 

At its peak 12 years ago, Blockbuster consisted of more than 8,000 stores nationwide. Six years later, the ubiquitous company filed for bankruptcy protection. The culprit? A tiny upstart called Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), which had a better idea. 

Remember the shopping mall? They haven’t built a major enclosed mall in the United States since 2006. Is it any coincidence that shares of online retailer Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) soared 2,600% since then?

You couldn’t find a single-serve coffee maker just a few years ago, and I doubt you would have invested in a company that produced them. Why would you? How could you improve a cup of coffee? But Diedrich Coffee did just that — creating a craze with its single-serve coffees and returning 9,610% for some shrewd investors.

The list goes on and on, but you get my point. We’re in a brave new world… As innovation accelerates and technology advances each year, so too does the list of game-changing opportunities available to investors. 

The important thing to remember is that most of us wouldn’t have thought half of this was possible a little more than a decade ago. 

Who knows what the future will hold?

Well, while we can’t predict the future perfectly, we like to think we’ve got a pretty good idea.

That’s why each year, we gather our collective resources at StreetAuthority and make these predictions. Our goal is to look beyond the day-to-day moves of the market. Our goal is to look ahead — to what we like to call “the next big thing” that could change the world and make early investors a killing.

Here Are 5 Of Our 13 “Crazy” Predictions
Most investors are lucky to notch a triple-digit gain every three or four years. But we think each and every one of the 13 predictions in this year’s report has triple-digit potential. 

Of course, just as not every prediction we make will necessarily come true, and some of our picks may not pan out. That’s just how it goes when you’re looking for home runs. But I’d stack the record of Game-Changing Stocks up against any other advisory with a similar mission.

This year’s predictions report could be our most profitable ever. I’ll be diving into the specific predictions in more detail in the coming weeks, but here are just five of the 13 predictions we’re making in this year’s report… 

Prediction #3: A Cure for the Deadliest Food Allergy on the Planet Will be Released in 2018

More than 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies. And eight million suffer from one so deadly that severe reactions can lead to death in five minutes. I’m talking about peanuts — that’s right, peanuts. 

Worst of all, there has been no known cure. Instead, millions of Americans have had to carry around painful (and expensive) EpiPens to inject themselves with in case of anaphylactic shock before rushing to the emergency room.

But we’ve found one company on the verge of a cure — or the closest thing to it. It all comes in the form of a pill you take twice a day, and it’s already sailed through the first two stages of FDA trials. Approval could come in weeks.

I don’t have to tell you what happens when a small drug company finally hits paydirt and gets coveted FDA approval for a life-saving treatment like this. You can basically name your price. There’s no sweeter spot to be as an investor…
Prediction#5: The Use of Digital Currencies Will Explode in 2018…but the Big Winner Won’t be Bitcoin

You’ve probably heard about the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Just think… if you had bought just $1,000 of bitcoin in July 2010, you’d be sitting on more than $46 million today.

But at this point, we think another digital currency is a better bet for new investors. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it in this year’s report. And for those of you who may not be comfortable with this arena yet, we’ve found a nice little side play — a cutting-edge, publicly-traded company that’s making the technology behind the blockchain possible.

Prediction #8: The Most Surprising Marijuana Investment of 2018

This one’s gonna surprise you… 

Far from being the millionaire-makers they’ve been pumped up to be, we think dozens of startup marijuana companies will go bankrupt in 2018. Instead, we’ve found a much safer way to profit from the pot boom that most investors never think about. Hint: It’s a classic “picks and shovels” play…

Prediction #10: A New Miracle Fiber That’s 35X Tougher Than Steel

It sounds like science-fiction, but the truth is that scientists are fascinated with a new genetically-modified material that’s as light as nylon yet absolutely bullet-proof. In fact, it could make Kevlar entirely obsolete, capturing a $29 billion market. One unknown company has the patent on this process and could make a killing for investors.

Prediction #12: Our “Bounce-Back” Investment Of The Year

Few investors pay attention to agricultural commodities, but they may want to check this one out…

After plunging from $5.70 per bushel to $4.05 in August this year, we think wheat will be the “bounce-back” investment of the year. Best of all, we’ve found a safe and cheap way to play the rebound.

How You Can Get Your Hands On This Year’s Report
As I mentioned earlier, we release these predictions each year to the public in a special report. And our subscribers love reading about them. 

But it’s the picks behind these wild and crazy predictions that should really get you excited. And only subscribers to our premium Game-Changing Stocks service can get full access to them. 

But, frankly, if you’re just willing to give the newsletter a risk-free trial to get the report, we wouldn’t blame you. In fact, we’re actually counting on the fact that you’re going to profit from these predictions so much that you won’t mind sticking around to get more ideas like them within the pages of Game-Changing Stocks

Remember, there’s plenty more where that came from. And we’ve got all the research to back it up. But to get your hands on all of these predictions, including how to profit from each and every one of them, you’ll need to check out our special report here.