Adam Fischbaum brings more than 20 years of professional investment experience as financial advisor and portfolio manager. Affiliated with an NYSE-member firm, he specializes in value, income and macro thematic investing. Adam is also a contributing editor for and his work is published frequently on,, as well, Seeking Alpha and He currently holds a Series 7, 63, 65, and 31 license. Adam lives on the Gulf Coast with his wife and two sons. When he’s not running money or writing about it, he enjoys hunting and fishing.  

Analyst Articles

Throughout my career, I’ve developed what I see as a habit (others may see it as a quirk) of gravitating toward genuinely un-sexy stocks while the herd seems to be chasing the sexy ones of a particular moment. As the tech boom began to strut its stuff in the mid… Read More

Since the Berlin Wall came down nearly two decades ago, the former Eastern Bloc has received a crash course in the risks and rewards of Western-style capitalism. Despite the ups and downs, there’s little doubt that it sure as hell beats the previous communist system. During… Read More