Bob Bogda is the Managing Editor of StreetAuthority. Bob began his journalism career covering the commodity markets in Chicago for The Wall Street Journal, and spent most of his career thereafter as an editor for the former Knight-Ridder Financial News and its offspring, BridgeNews, where he played a lead role in developing a real-time equities news service. More recently, Bob served as Editor-in-Chief at Business Financial Publishing, where he specialized in developing newsletters and websites covering small-cap stocks.

Analyst Articles

Is Mexico the new China? Until recently, China was the “go-to” manufacturer of choice. Thanks largely to the country’s low wages, companies across the industrialized world were able to have their products produced cheaper in China than at home — or in Mexico. The advantage known as the “China price”… Read More

It’s every investor’s dream. And this one came true… For lucky shareholders in this formerly tiny maker of automated medicine dispenser machines, last November’s election changed everything. No, not that election. And, no, not just any medicine.#-ad_banner-# I’m referring to the state ballot in Massachusetts… along with a medical treatment… Read More

At mid-week last week, there were 240 holdings spread out among a dozen real-money and model portfolios in the various StreetAuthority advisories. Nearly 70% of these stocks were in positive territory. To put it in the parlance of a daily stock market update,… Read More

One of these companies offers a breakthrough in detecting cancer. Another buys gold for just $400 an ounce. Still another company has $45 billion in cash on its books and has earned record revenue in each of the past three years.#-ad_banner-# And if you’re interested in income, then pay attention. Read More