Melvin Pasternak, Ph.D.,  is an experienced market technician. He designed a course for TD Waterhouse titled "Winning in the Stock Market," which combined intensive technical and fundamental analysis to uncover how to profitably beat the market. Dr. Pasternak was a professor at the Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, for more than 25 years. In 2006, after retiring, he published his book on candlestick charting, 21 Candlesticks Every Trader Should Know. Due to his trading expertise, he has been interviewed several times by CBC Radio-Canada and the Calgary Herald.

Analyst Articles

This iconic brand has a chequered history. Invented in the late 19th century, it was a marketed as a medicine that contained wine and cocaine. When prohibition set in, a non-alcoholic alternative had to be created. Later, the cocaine was replaced by a non-narcotic… Read More

As my colleague Tom Hutchinson recently pointed out, defense sector spending may be under threat of budget cuts, but make no mistake: demand will always be robust. That makes the defense sector not only a safe place for investors to be, but it also ensures a solid growth path. Read More

Domino’s Pizza Group (NYSE: DPZ) is the world’s largest pizza delivery chain by market cap. The pizza company operates more than 9,700 franchised and company-owned stores across the globe and appears set to grow further. Domino’s is booming internationally, especially in India, where 70 new stores were built this year. Read More

There are many things to like about the world’s fourth largest automaker. For starters, it was the only major U.S. automaker able to skirt bankruptcy during the financial crisis. And due to aggressive cost cutting, it is on target to have one of its strongest years ever. Read More