Nathan Slaughter

Nathan Slaughter, Chief Investment Strategist of The Daily Paycheck and High-Yield Investing, has developed a long and successful track record over the years by finding profitable investments no matter where they hide. Nathan's previous experience includes a long tenure at AXA/Equitable Advisors, one of the world's largest financial planning firms. He also honed his research skills at Morgan Keegan, where he managed millions in portfolio assets and performed consultative retirement planning services. To reach more investors, Nathan switched gears in 2004 and began writing full-time. He has since published hundreds of articles for a variety of prominent online and print publications. Nathan has interviewed industry insiders like Paul Weisbruch and CEOs like Tom Evans of, and has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times for his expertise on economic moats. Nathan's educational background includes NASD Series 6, 7, 63, & 65 certifications, as well as a degree in Finance/Investment Management from Sam M. Walton School of Business, where he received a full academic scholarship. When not following the market, Nathan enjoys watching his favorite baseball team, the Cubs, and camping and fishing with his family.

Analyst Articles

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