Ryan C. Fuhrmann, CFA, began his investment career at Northern Trust Corporation in Chicago. He is actively involved with the CFA Institute, an association of investment professionals, and has even co-authored a portion of their curriculum.   In addition to his CFA certification, he holds a degree in business from the University of Wisconsin and a MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Ryan adheres to a value-based investing viewpoint that successful companies generate sustainable cash flow for their owners and earn returns on invested capital far in excess of those costs of capital. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys reading, traveling and catching as many live music shows and movies as possible.  

Analyst Articles

It’s no secret that the media industry has been deeply affected by the advent of the Internet. It is the most efficient distribution channel ever for consumers to read, listen, and watch content. Newspapers and magazines continue to give way to online content outlets, airwaves are being replaced by Internet… Read More

Last week it was announced that Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) and Russian firm Digital Sky Technologies would be investing $500 million in social networking sensation Facebook. Investments by Goldman are rather common, and the amount was a tiny fraction of the company’s nearly $90 billion market cap, but a buzz… Read More

In the constant search for high-yielding stocks, the utility space frequently comes up in the conversation. Sure, the sector is pretty boring and slow-growing overall, but it can be counted on for stable returns and above-average dividend yields. This consistency and the search for yield in… Read More

Every year, The Economist magazine provides predictions for global economic growth for the coming year. This year, it projects the fastest-growing countries will be Qatar, Ghana, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. China and India won’t be far behind and are expected to grow GDP more than 8% next year. Below is… Read More

Investing in large companies with diversified revenue streams is a strategy that can let you sleep soundly at night. Most firms in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, an index of 30 of the largest and most dominant firms in the world, use size to their advantage. Read More

Any shareholder of a company that has been bought out can tell you that takeovers are often lucrative propositions, often delivering quick double-digit gains. But overall, acquisitions have a reputation for destroying shareholder value at the acquiring company. Studies place the failure rate at between 60% and… Read More

The day will come when a public company becomes worth $1 trillion. It’s a big number to swallow, but I think it’s possible‚Ķ When I say a company will one day become “worth $1 trillion,” I’m referring to when a company reaches a… Read More