Ryan C. Fuhrmann, CFA, began his investment career at Northern Trust Corporation in Chicago. He is actively involved with the CFA Institute, an association of investment professionals, and has even co-authored a portion of their curriculum.   In addition to his CFA certification, he holds a degree in business from the University of Wisconsin and a MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Ryan adheres to a value-based investing viewpoint that successful companies generate sustainable cash flow for their owners and earn returns on invested capital far in excess of those costs of capital. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys reading, traveling and catching as many live music shows and movies as possible.  

Analyst Articles

As CEO and chairman of the board, Warren Buffett officially calls the shots at Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B). But Berkshire’s success has much to do with Buffett’s official sidekick, Charlie Munger, who serves as the firm’s vice chairman. For those not familiar with Munger, he… Read More

By the end of 2011, the world’s population should reach 7 billion. Through 2050, it is estimated to grow by 150,000 people daily and reach 9 billion. As a result, there will be billions more mouths to feed. It will also be even more crucial than ever to lessen the… Read More

Did you know that Internet traffic in 2010 exceeded all of the traffic on the Internet from its founding through every year up to 2009, according to tech firm giant Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO)? This pace will most likely continue. So what’s the next big growth wave for the Internet? Well,… Read More

Back in February, I explained how corporate spinoffs (when a company separates, or “spins off” a division into a separate company) have solid track records of beating the market. I’m usually on the lookout for investment opportunities that pay off within 12 to 18 months, but two… Read More

In its latest issue, Money magazine cited data showing stocks with the lowest earnings multiples tend to post the highest returns. A chart in the article detailed that the l0% of stocks with the lowest price-to-earnings (P/E)… Read More