Income Investing

I’ve noticed an emerging trend from my subscribers. It started out about two years ago as a whisper. Month by month, email by email, that whisper has become a little louder. Today, I’m hearing it loud and clear and received my last email about it just a… Read More

Stock market volatility has caused many investors to question their commitment to buying individual stocks. This combined with a decade of flat to slightly negative stock market returns has stoked a debate over whether buy-and-hold investing makes any sense going forward. Defensive-minded investors looking to lower equity… Read More

My friend Chris was irate. “My broker just ripped me off!” he pouted. “Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS-A) said in a press release they would pay $0.84 a share, but instead my broker gave me $0.714 a share.” I tried to explain to Chris that it’s not… Read More

It’s no secret. Markets have been tanking. Investors are fearful that the debt crisis in Europe will derail the recovery. As many analysts predict slower economic growth or a “new normal” in the years ahead, high dividend stocks could replace growth… Read More

The Greek debt crisis sent the world’s financial markets reeling, particularly across the so-called “PIIGS” nations in Europe — Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, five European countries considered to be in the most questionable financial shape. The fear is that… Read More