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Americans love their sports. In fact, many males love them to death. According to a study by Xavier University of obituaries from 19 newspapers, 15% of men’s obituaries mentioned some form of sports fan identification. Their closest loved ones knew how much the deceased’s team meant to them. Read More

Tech stocks are notoriously stingy dividend payers. Typically, these companies use earnings to fuel growth and to keep up with the competition, not to pay shareholders. In fact, the tech-rich Nasdaq Composite Index yields just 0.8%… Read More

Cigarette makers must be worried. A tiny U.S. company has a drug that could all but destroy nicotine addiction in America and beyond, and its shares give investors a chance to profit from this potentially world-changing… Read More

The U.S. federal government has 1.8 million civilian employees. Add in postal workers, and that number swells to 2.5 million. The government also owns a lot of land — about 30% of the country, in fact — but in addition to Grand Teton National Park and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds… Read More

Something was drastically amiss. I had turned the radio in my car to my favorite FM station, a boisterous “urban” format that’s best enjoyed loud. But that’s not what I was hearing. Not even close. I called a… Read More