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A year ago, high-yield bonds were outcasts. The financial world braced for Armageddon, and investors fled riskier high-yield bonds in droves in anticipation of widespread defaults. Yield spreads — in this case, the difference between yields on high-yield bonds and yields on “AAA”-rated corporate bonds — soared to a record… Read More

Next week the market will be focused on the nation’s banks, as the top U.S. financial institutions report their quarterly earnings. Their earnings parade actually started today, with a quarterly report from JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM),… Read More

It’s become an annual tradition among the research staff of Market Advisor — StreetAuthority’s longest-running publication.   Every December, through phone calls, emails, and meetings — heck, everything short of smoke signals — the office is abuzz with chatter.   You see, December is when… Read More