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Just a few weeks ago, we released our newest piece of research — “The Top 5 Income Stocks for 2012.” These five high-yield stocks represent our favorite income ideas for the new year, and they pay dividend yields of 7.0%… 8.8%…… Read More

Big-picture risks dominated markets in 2011, and stocks across most markets and sectors tended to move as a herd in response to news events. For example, when the yield on Italian debt spikes, European banks sell off because many have significant… Read More

More investors are finding out about them every day. Or I shouldn’t say they are finding out about them — most investors have known about these “lifetime income generators” in one form or another for decades. Instead, what’s actually happening is more investors are putting their trust… Read More

The stock market volatility has been unprecedented. For years now we’ve seen the market rise one day… only to fall the next. Meanwhile, events considered to be “once in a generation” — credit crises, sovereign-debt downgrades and bailouts — are… Read More

The venerable TV investigative journalism program 60 Minutes recently blew the lid off a story we’ve been tracking for months. And you absolutely won’t believe it when you hear about it. Congress can trade on insider information — and it’s 100% legal. Here’s… Read More