Sara Glakas is director of marketing for Texas Private Asset Management, an Austin-based investment planning firm. She has an MBA with a concentration in corporate finance and she is the former president of

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My dad has been running our family farm in northern Illinois for more than 40 years. I grew up riding tractors, feeding cows and running through cornfields, though admittedly I never took to the business of farming. Growing up on the farm, I knew one thing for certain: Every single… Read More

In America, we have let our guard down when it comes to our banking relationships. We assume that everything will be fine if our bank fails. After all, the FDIC insures our deposits up to $250,000. Why worry?  I hate to break this to… Read More

Silver is clearly out of its rut. After steadily falling nearly 30% since its 52-week high in February, the price of silver has rebounded quickly during the past few weeks to a current price of $33 — almost entirely because of Federal… Read More