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The acquisition of wealth is paramount to our financial futures. Most Americans have historically depended on home ownership for accumulation of wealth, the recent crisis notwithstanding. But most people don’t realize that there’s a better way. One of the greatest… Read More

The market has been on fire since the dark days of the financial crisis. The S&P 500 has soared an astounding 85% since the lows of March 2009. Market returns have been propelled by more cyclical sectors like technology and consumer products, while the more defensive sectors have badly lagged… Read More

In case you haven’t heard, inflation is on its way. Unprecedented levels of government debt and deficits will likely weaken the value of the dollar at some point, thus raising the prices of everything it buys. But, the Federal Reserve says… Read More

The world is undergoing massive changes at a torrid pace. The pace and magnitude of these changes is greater than humanity has ever known. With these changes come great opportunities and great challenges that will have to be confronted. Perhaps the greatest challenge of all is the… Read More

The timing is right for dividend stocks. High-yielding dividend stocks are one of the few places left where income investors can harvest a solid income in this low interest rate environment. In addition, the recent extension of the Bush tax-cut laws has increased the favorable… Read More

Although you have probably never heard of this company, chances are you use its technology every single day. Do you watch television, or use a computer? Have you bought an iPad or iPhone? Do you use a cell phone, digital camera or a GPS navigation system in… Read More