Income Investing

Nearly 1,000 U.S.-listed companies offer Dividend Reinvestment Plans or “DRIPs” as a way for shareholders to accumulate shares without using a broker. These plans allow investors to automatically use their dividends to buy more shares of the company’s… Read More

They came every year like clockwork. They were so usual that most recipients took them for granted. But next year will mark the first time in decades that Social Security payments will see no cost of living adjustment (COLA). You see, the adjustment is tied to increases in the… Read More

Big is in. The question marks lingering about the strength of the recovery has prompted many investors to seek shares in large, stable companies that have weathered the downturn in good shape. The 100 largest public companies in the world have beaten the MSCI… Read More

An often-overlooked industry may just be the best place in the entire market to find steady income. Major players are paying rock-solid yields as high as 7% to 10%. When you think of energy companies, you probably think of oil and natural gas. Or maybe you even… Read More

A few months ago the nation was locked in the throes of the financial crisis. Markets were crashing. Experts spoke of financial calamity and depression. Hope evaporated. This was to be a financial disaster for the ages. Look what’s happened. The Dow Jones… Read More

Not sure how to best judge the dividend safety of an investment? Let Standard & Poor’s do it for you. “AAA” credit ratings are hard to come by. The S&P sets the bar extraordinarily high for its top tier. These are the elite of… Read More

Income investors are exposed. The U.S. government has racked up $10 trillion in debt and Washington continues to spend more money we don’t have. No one’s talking about balancing the budget: The Obama Administration estimates budget deficits will soar to $1.8 trillion this year and $1.3 trillion… Read More