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Whether dividends are safe is on most income investors’ minds, and for good reason. The final quarter of 2008 was the worst for dividends in a half-century, according to Standard & Poor’s. The first half of 2009 has seen even more cuts: 367 companies have reduced dividends since Jan. 1. Read More

In a bid to protect investors from an often misunderstood financial instrument, UBS, Edward Jones and Ameriprise Financial banned clients from purchasing leveraged ETFs this week. Company Available Broker Sales Merrill… Read More

Art Laffer is the dean of supply-side economics, which holds that the key to any macroeconomic ill is to let people keep their money rather than to tax them. I agree. So did President Reagan, whose landmark tax cuts in the early 1980s were… Read More

Now that we know we want a significant portion of our portfolio outside the U.S. to hedge against the coming inflation, it’s time to consider some specific international stocks that offer exceptional opportunities. I recently used StreetAuthority’s… Read More