Brad Briggs

Brad Briggs is the Managing Editor of StreetAuthority. A veteran of the financial publishing industry, Brad manages the team of writers and editors responsible for our premium newsletters as well as the free content in our ezines and on our website. He is also the managing editor and a regular contributor for StreetAuthority's premium newsletter, StreetAuthority Insider

Brad took an interest in the stock market at a young age, buying his first equities in high school. After graduating early from Baylor University, success in the market enabled him to pay off student loans and afford the downpayment on his first house. So instead of pursuing a career in journalism, he decided to follow his interest in the stock market, and he's been hooked ever since then.

Brad believes that successful investing doesn't have to be complicated, and that anyone can achieve financial independence no matter their background. As Managing Editor, Brad makes it his mission to demystify the world of investing, making it easy to understand for a wide audience. His writing has been featured in outlets like Yahoo Finance,, and MSN Money, among others. 

When he's not following the market, Brad spends his time doing CrossFit, reading about history, and working cattle in East Texas.

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