Growth Investing

Investing in small market capitalization stocks is a time-tested approach to beating the stock market. For starters, it is easier for small companies to grow the top line rapidly because new business can have a significant impact on their smaller sales levels. They can… Read More

“Is it safe?” Those famous words repeatedly uttered by Laurence Olivier in the 1976 thriller Marathon Man are always on the mind of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators. In fact, the FDA mandates that any drug undergoing clinical testing be assessed for its impact on the human heart. And… Read More

It’s not just the birds chirping and the flowers blooming. Even humans are getting in on the spring action; gearing up for softball leagues, mountain hikes and lazy days of fishing. This eternal ritual brings hordes of shoppers to sporting goods stores to check out the latest gear. That helps… Read More

There was once a company akin to a 10-year-old on a triple espresso high, an energetic beast that wouldn’t rest. Its stock had superior risk-adjusted returns. The company became a global brand. It redefined what people do with their free time, giving them a place to meet and hang out… Read More

How many times have you walked through the aisles of your local grocery store and mindlessly grabbed items off the shelf that are staples of your home? Things like spaghetti sauce, dish soap, shampoo, paper towels… the little necessities life requires. How many times have you plucked… Read More

Don’t look now, but radio frequency identification (RFID) chips are all around you. They’re used in toll booths, at the gas pump, in retail stores and on the farm to keep track of animals. They even allow store managers to change the price of a product on the shelf with… Read More

For many years, Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) and Mattel (NYSE: MAT) turned in lackluster annual results, as sales and profits grew at a snail’s pace. Both of these toymakers only recently learned how to boost sales, cut costs and reduce the share count, but only one also took a page from… Read More

Market volatility has recently moved to multi-year lows, leading to investor complacency. But it’s time to sit up and pay attention again: the Dow Jones is registering its third straight session of 150-point swings. That’s great for day traders and options players, but nerve-wracking for the buy-and-hold crowd. Read More