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When a recession hits, especially as hard as this one has, the last investment you want to make is in financial stocks. This would be true even if banks and mortgage companies hadn’t been at the center of the maelstrom. You want to increase… Read More

Anybody with a home theatre has known for some time that the DVD’s days are numbered. Eventually, streaming movies will be the standard. Eventually, films will also be streamed directly to a movie screen. There will be no front projection. Movie theatres will be nothing more than a choice between… Read More

The rumblings about a possible double-dip recession have begun. Investors are understandably worried about such a possibility, not only because it may happen, but because it would be unprecedented for the current generation of market participants. First, don’t panic. We aren’t there yet. What you can do,… Read More

It’s easy to trot out legendary investor Peter Lynch’s name every time you find an undervalued fast-growing company, but the truth is that Lynch had many different criteria that had to be met before he would purchase a stock. I always keep certain Peter Lynch criteria in… Read More

One of the prevailing theories about the economy is that it is consumer-driven, a postulation I happen to agree with, given that consumer spending accounts for 70% of all economic activity. Part of the reason this recession began is because credit… Read More

There are some stocks you just buy and hold forever. These stocks represent businesses so fundamental to the daily lives of so many people, they deserve to be at the core of any serious long-term investor’s portfolio. Buy them, never sell… Read More

One might think that just because the economy stinks and consumers have cut back on spending that any stock described as being “retail” would be in trouble. For the most part, that would be right. However, there is a relatively unknown… Read More

Anytime Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is involved in something, investors take notice. Goldman has received plenty of bad press lately, but the fact remains that they are Wall Street’s most powerful name. They are among the largest global investment bank in… Read More