Investing Basics

For equity investors with a long time horizon, this summer’s big pullbacks in stocks have created some very exciting investment opportunities. A savvy stock picker should know the best opportunities arise when things are scariest and everyone else is scurrying for the exits. Now is one of… Read More

Even with the real-estate market mired in a slump, investors still clamored for shares of Zillow (NYSE: Z). On July 20, the real estate-focused website went public at an initial offering price of $20, opened in the low $30s and briefly spiked to $60 that same day, as more… Read More

Amid the drumbeat of weak U.S. economic data and continuing European debt worries, global stock markets sold off in the week of Aug.1. Then came the U.S. credit downgrade from Standard & Poor’s. The U.S. stock market dropped between 4-5% on… Read More

In stressful times like these, it’s important to distinguish between investors’ appetite for stocks in general and the actual outlook of each company. The market plunge is related to top-down concerns about the U.S. economy, but a bottom-up approach is still warranted. This is because — despite the weak… Read More

If investing were always a walk in the park, we would all be Warren Buffett. Truth is, there are always tough times. And after more than two years of one of the strongest bull markets we’ve ever seen, the market is… Read More