Investing Basics

When investors think about “swinging for the fences,” they usually need to seek out risky small companies that are undiscovered and poised to take Wall Street by surprise. Yet there’s another way to find a “home-run stock” — by looking for large, well-established companies that have moved deeply out of… Read More

By the end of 2011, the world’s population should reach 7 billion. Through 2050, it is estimated to grow by 150,000 people daily and reach 9 billion. As a result, there will be billions more mouths to feed. It will also be even more crucial than ever to lessen the… Read More

If you sat in the corner office at Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) a few years ago, you’d have ample reason to gloat. The company’s key rival in microprocessors, AMD (NYSE: AMD), was headed for oblivion, choking under $5 billion in debt and a weakening product lineup. All Intel had to do… Read More

If you’re in the market for an auto stock, chances are Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) is among the companies you’re considering. And why not? Toyota is one of the best names in motor vehicle manufacturing. Plus, shares are expected to rebound in the… Read More

Investors have short memories. Every time the airline industry starts to rebound, they forget many major airlines only recently flirted with the prospect of bankruptcy. But airlines have been trying to change this perilous dynamic. In recent years, they’ve been joining forces to cut costs and improve their competitive positioning. Read More

In response to rising debt woes in Europe and the United States, wary investors are taking steps to preserve capital, boost income and protect themselves from inflation. A great way to accomplish these goals is to hold consumer-staple stocks, which provide the daily necessities people use such as toothpaste… Read More