Investing Basics

Investors mine ideas from many different sources, but many investors overlook a resource that provides some of the best ideas from the greatest minds. Most people believe that the world of hedge funds is not within their grasp. In truth, some of the best stock-pickers make their choices widely… Read More

I have been warning readers of my premium Mastering the Markets service for the past few weeks that... Read More

I have been warning readers of my premium Mastering the Markets service for the past few weeks that mid-September looks to get ugly unless you plan on being short the market — which is my plan.... Read More

As the U.S. economy tries to sputter back to life, one important fact is increasingly clear: any rebound is likely to be muted as the country wrestles with persistently high unemployment and confidence-sapping budget deficits. That’s why it’s more important than ever to… Read More

The rumblings about a possible double-dip recession have begun. Investors are understandably worried about such a possibility, not only because it may happen, but because it would be unprecedented for the current generation of market participants. First, don’t panic. We aren’t there yet. What you can do,… Read More

It’s coming. You know it is. Another recession. A “correction.” A one-day meltdown. Whatever you call it, the stock market is a fickle goddess to those who hear her siren’s call. Question is, how secure do you feel about being prepared for when —… Read More

With Wednesday’s sharp rally, investors that like to short stocks were tripping over each other to get to the exit. And to unwind a short holding, they had to buy back shares of the companies in which they’ve made a negative bet, known as… Read More

Ever notice how the simplest task is more complicated these days? Like buying cereal at the grocery store? I just popped in to get a box of Cheerios and was confronted with no less than 6 different varieties: honey, frosted, chocolate, multi-grain, banana nut and oat clusters. Read More

Heading into the trading week, we expected to see a flurry of economic releases that would have an outsized impact on the stock market this week. [See: 4 Can’t-Miss Items for Investors to Watch Next Week] Those data points are now rolling in, but… Read More