Investing Basics

Investing in stocks in 2011? Sadly, that’s not where the action has been. For the most part, the biggest gains for the year have been reaped in precious metals, energy and agriculture. Plain old equities are on track for forgettable year after posting stunning gains in the prior two years. Read More

If you’re a longtime Dividend Opportunities subscriber, you might remember an issue back in November where I hunted down the safest dividend in the S&P 500. The response to the article was overwhelming. So I decided to provide an update… Read More

When a stock such as Apple (Nasdaaq: AAPL) or Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) is universally loved, you should think twice about buying in, lest you arrive as the euphoria starts to fade. Instead, look for stocks that aren’t being chased by the crowd. These stocks often hit a rough… Read More

When investors think about “swinging for the fences,” they usually need to seek out risky small companies that are undiscovered and poised to take Wall Street by surprise. Yet there’s another way to find a “home-run stock” — by looking for large, well-established companies that have moved deeply out of… Read More

By the end of 2011, the world’s population should reach 7 billion. Through 2050, it is estimated to grow by 150,000 people daily and reach 9 billion. As a result, there will be billions more mouths to feed. It will also be even more crucial than ever to lessen the… Read More

If you sat in the corner office at Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) a few years ago, you’d have ample reason to gloat. The company’s key rival in microprocessors, AMD (NYSE: AMD), was headed for oblivion, choking under $5 billion in debt and a weakening product lineup. All Intel had to do… Read More