Value Investing

Large pharmaceutical companies have been ignored by investors for some time now. After decades of gangbuster growth and blockbuster drugs to treat depression, high blood pressure and many other common ailments, many are facing competition from generic drugs as the patents protecting the exclusive… Read More

September has been a wonderful month for stocks. The S&P 500 Index, for example, has risen in 10 of the past 13 sessions, rebounding to levels seen last May, before the bears took the reins. Shares are rising on expectations that we’re increasingly… Read More

Back in the mid-1980s, I was a bit of a computer nerd. I was not only fluent in basic (a programming language now deader than Latin), but also probably the only kid in school who new what DOS stood for. That would be “disk operating system” for… Read More

Every Monday, I like to look at all the stocks that saw fresh rounds of insider buying in the previous week. Such so-called insider buying can alert you to undervalued stocks before most investors take note. That’s because insiders (defined as any officer or director of a company, or any… Read More

With economic growth potentially stagnating, large firms are resorting to buying market share by acquiring rivals or know-how that will help them grow fast and stay one step ahead of the competition. M&A activity in the cash-rich technology industry has grown especially rampant… Read More