Value Investing

One might think that just because the economy stinks and consumers have cut back on spending that any stock described as being “retail” would be in trouble. For the most part, that would be right. However, there is a relatively unknown… Read More

An easy way to make money in the market is to buy a stock that has been beaten down due to short-term worries. Of course the rub is discerning whether the problem is indeed temporary. But there is considerable upside to identifying a setback that will not permanently impair a… Read More

According to their by-laws, many mutual funds are forbidden from owning stocks that have a share price of less than $5. Of course, once those stocks hit the $5 mark, a whole new world of buyers takes a look at them. Here are some promising companies that you can buy… Read More

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Get ready for the China collapse. Virtually every major media outlet has weighed in with dire reports that the Chinese economic miracle is about to come to an abrupt end. These Chicken Littles note that any strong asset class that looks like a bubble must come crashing down. In the… Read More