Value Investing

It’s easy to trot out legendary investor Peter Lynch’s name every time you find an undervalued fast-growing company, but the truth is that Lynch had many different criteria that had to be met before he would purchase a stock. I always keep certain Peter Lynch criteria in… Read More

One of the realities of a tough market is that fully-priced stocks get discounted, and under-priced stocks become really, really cheap. You can forget about the notion that stocks always deserve to trade at whatever price they currently have — known as the Efficient-Market Hypothesis. Often times, the market is… Read More

One of the prevailing theories about the economy is that it is consumer-driven, a postulation I happen to agree with, given that consumer spending accounts for 70% of all economic activity. Part of the reason this recession began is because credit… Read More

One of the most fertile areas for investment research can always be found among stocks that trade for less than the price of a deluxe cheeseburger. When a stock is below $5 or $6, many mutual funds are prevented from owning them. Yet if these stocks can… Read More

One of the benefits of closely monitoring stocks month after month is that you get to identify great companies to put on your watch list. And when these companies temporarily fall out of favor, you can take advantage. During the past decade, I have always been very impressed with the… Read More