Value Investing

One of the challenges of buying an industry leader such as Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is that it is “priced to perfection.” The value of its stock implies that the company will fulfill all of the high expectations placed upon it. More than likely, Apple will keep on delivering winning products,… Read More

In a bid to keep a lid on runaway prescription drug prices, many companies have turned to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). These firms act as a middleman, handling all prescription-related paperwork and gently nudging consumers toward lower-priced generic drugs and an increased use of low-cost mail-order services. Over time, the… Read More

Warren Buffett seemed to take it on the chin last week. In fact, he’s been hammered for a couple of months now. First came the annual Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) shareholders meeting, the annual Woodstock for Capitalists and Buffett love fest held each May,… Read More

The past decade has been tough for stocks, with the bursting of the Internet and housing bubbles creating share price volatility too extreme for many investors. As for blue chip companies, sky-high valuations in 2000 have left little in terms of total stock returns, even though… Read More

Investors tend to buy stocks when the market is on the upswing and avoid them when the market is flashing red. But if you focus simply on value, then you should be buying at lows. And right now, a whole host of stocks are trading at lows for the year,… Read More

Stocks with scant analyst coverage often offer opportunity for individual investors to exploit market inefficiencies. The small-cap arena is usually the most fruitful place to uncover these opportunities, but every now and then a firm with a larger market capitalization will fail to get… Read More