Investing Basics

Very early Saturday morning I’ll leave my farm in North Central Kansas and drive to Omaha for a sit-down with Warren Buffett at the Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) annual meeting. With his longtime partner and vice chairman Charlie Munger, Buffett will speak without notes and answer every question until the… Read More

Sometimes it pays to do some “meta-analysis.” That’s when you analyze the analysts that follow a company. Often times, these analysts tend to think in cautious terms, and look to the past to make assessments about the future. As a result, they can overlook powerful industry changes that render the… Read More

Everyone likes a good stock tip: a hot new Internet company, a disruptive technology, an acquisition rumor — anything that gets the adrenaline pumping. This type of hearsay-based buying and selling can net investors a buck or two now and then, but rest assured, someone already knows what you know… Read More