Investing Basics

It’s been a rough year for those in the branding business at big corporations. SEC investigations, massive product recalls and oil spills (among more traditional factors like competition and slowing sales) have taken a toll on the reputations, as well as the stock prices, of some of America’s most well-known… Read More

Right now, I’m in “pre-board” mode. That’s what I call the day before I go on vacation. Part of my mind is already swimming with all the fun things I’m going to do during my time off. But I’m also grounded by the work I have to… Read More

Long before the days of growth stocks, investors used to search for value in stocks that were trading for less than the net assets on their balance sheets. It was a tried-and-true formula for protecting your downside while searching for upside. The stock market’s original gurus –… Read More

The great thing about being a trader is that we can be very light on our feet. You don’t have to worry about getting out of a position. You are not married to stocks, like value investors. Being opportunistic and attentive to the vagaries of the market… Read More